In 2002, director Kurt Wimmer wowed those who were lucky enough to stumble upon his impressive sci-fi-action film Equilibrium. Four years later and he has a new futuristic, gun blazing flick, Ultraviolet. Unfortunately, this mess isn’t likely to earn him any new fans

Because it would take too long to summarize the plot think The Matrix meets Blade meets Resident Evil but with the gaussian blur look of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. If there was a boxing match between the good and bad qualities of the film, the bad would definitely get a TKO. The script is muddled with too much backstory; and the fight sequences, although done very well, get old. What irritated me most, though, was the fact that once again we have a strong female character who becomes enfeebled with the introduction of a child. Yawn. You don’t see kick ass male characters in the same situation.

The only reason to see Ultraviolet is for the fight sequences, mainly two of them. Wimmer seems to have a thing for ass kicking in the dark. In Equilibrium, audiences saw an excellent shoot out; and in Ultraviolet there’s a sword duel sans lights but with swords illuminated by fire. Another pretty awesome sequence in Ultraviolet is reminiscent of the infamous “bullet time” sequence in The Matrix. Milla Jovovich, who plays the title role, is encircled by the Chinois blood gang on a rooftop. They begin shooting, she begins dodging. It’s pretty cool to see. Other than that, the title sequence is worthy of mention, and there are some other exciting chase scenes, particularly one involving a motorcycle, a gravity defying device and a lot of cops. Jovovich is beautiful and limber as hell, and I like her films, but this one is strictly for the fans.

Author: Julien R. Fielding

Julien R. Fielding has been reviewing films, and covering the entertainment industry, for more than a decade. Her favorite genres are sci-fi, horror, action, and anime. She authored the book, Discovering World Religions at 24 Frames Per Second.

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